Why I Breed

The correct answer would be to better the breed. It is true that I am always trying to improve my line of Bengals hence, better the breed. However, the real reason I breed is to preserve, introduce, and offer these amazing cats to loving families.

My story

I have had cats all my life but I got my first neutered Bengal (Armani) from a Bengal rescue in 2008. I did not know his past or why he was surrendered. From the moment I got him he was the most loving, talkative, affectionate, and smartest cat I have ever known. He did and still does have health issues and he may not be the ideal show Bengal but his personality more then makes up for any shortcomings. That’s when I realized that I wanted to be a part of preserving this amazing breed. To do so, health was my first concern. All my Bengal breeder cats are tested negative for congenital diseases. Type and flash were improved while still maintaining personality. Armani still plays a very important roll in socializing all my kittens. Everyone loves Armani but no one more then me. He is my inspiration and reason I breed.

Meet Armani. He is the one in the back cuddling with one of my female breeders.